Kertemindevej 52
DK-8940 Randers
Tlf. +45 86 41 76 00

Company Profile

CH Tools hand-picked employees have many years of experience with the development and production of tools and special-purpose machinery. Both machines and tools are of a robust and reliable quality and often have sophisticated features.

The dedication we show in our work with the development and production of tools and special-purpose machinery has provided us with a considerable and loyal customer base. We also recognize the importance of close and personal collaboration with our customers and believe that trust is a key factor for successful creation of optimum solutions.

At CH Tool we value quality solutions and operating reliability, and combined with our in-depth professional expertise and versatile machinery, that makes us a stable, efficient and flexible total supplier, sub-supplier and business partner. 

Our area of expertise covers e.g.:

 Projects within efficiency enhancement and automatization
 Repairs and servicing of machines and plants
 Engineering design by means of 2D and 3D AutoCAD

and we are excellent within all sorts of mechanics and control techniques.

CH Tool was founded in 1977, and today we employ 17 skilled and well-qualified staff.

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